About us

The Association representing the Italian Meat Industry and Trade

ASSOCARNI (Associazione Nazionale Industria e Commercio Carni e Bestiame) is the national association representing the Italian meat industry and trade, with specific emphasis on the beef industry. Established in 1983, ASSOCARNI immediately set its course on specialisation and strict selection of its members. Today, with membership including leading Italian firms of national and international standing - including INALCA SPA, ILCO SRL, VERCELLI  SPA - ASSOCARNI has come to represent and speak for over 60% of the entire Italian meat sector. This is no mean achievement, considering that the meat industry in this country comprises a very large number of small and very small enterprises. ASSOCARNI has thus grown to become the most representative, authoritative and credible association vis--vis national and European Community institutions. In accordance with Article 35 of the beef Common Market Organization (Regulation 2342/1999), ASSOCARNI has obtained Ministry of Agriculture approval for the transmission of slaughter premium data; the data channelled through ASSOCARNI since the premium came into force in January 2000 now account for over 60% of all Italian beef slaughtering. This figure alone offers perhaps the best evidence in support of ASSOCARNI's claim to being the industry's most representative organization.